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China Standard G3lm Spare Part Helical Gearbox Motor cycloidal gearbox manufacturers

Product Description

Our G3 helical gear motor products using advanced production technology. is reach the small deformation,high precision,low noise and smooth running

Model & Mark :G3LM-1:30-0.2KW-22mm

G3 Model code
F/L Mount mode F:Flange mounted L:Foot mounted 
M/B/S Power mode M:Standard model(motor without brake) B:Brake model (motor with brake) S:IEC input  Without character means shaft input
1:30 Speed ratio of reducer (i=5,10,15,20~~~200)
0.3kw Motor power (0.1kw 0.2kw 0.4kw 0.75kw)
22mm Output shaft Diameter (18,22,28,32,40,50mm)


Performance parameter                              
Normal ratio 5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 80 100 100 120 160 200
0.2kw output shaft 18mm 22mm 28mm
actual speed ratio 4.97 10.12 15.16 20.08 24.89 30.86 39.56 49.09 62.17 79.12 98.18 104.08 120.88 165 196.43
rpm 282 138 92 70 56 45 35 29 23 18 14 13 12 8 7
NM 50Hz 6.5 12.6 19.1 26.3 32.6 38.9 50.4 63 75.6 100.8 103.9 125.4 150 200.4 250.7
60Hz 5.4 10.5 16.6 21.9 27.1 32.4 42 52.5 63 84 86.6 104.5 125 167 208.9
Fr1 588 882 980 1180 1270 1760 1860 1960 2160 2450 2450 2840 3330 3430 3430
Fr2 196


Output torque of IEC input reducer
Normal ratio 5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 80 100 100 120 160 200
0.18kw Output shaft 18mm 22mm 28mm
NM 50Hz 5.9 11.4 17.2 23.6 29.3 35 45.3 56.7 68.1 90.7 93.5 112.8 135 180.3 225.6
60Hz 4.9 9.5 14.9 19.7 24.4 29.2 37.8 47.3 56.7 75.6 77.9 94 112.5 150.3 188


Quantity of lubricant
output shaft dia 18mm 22mm 28mm 32mm 40mm 50mm
quantity of lubricant 140 200 400 600 900 1600

G3FM 3 phase motor reducer with flange


Power kw Output shaft Ratio Primary outline and dimension-mount(G3LM)
A D E F J G H K P S T U V W X Y Y1
1 2
0.2 18 5/10/15/20/25 267 270 40 110 135 16.5 65 9 45 30 18 20.5 129 183 6 133 85 10
22 30/40 50/60 80/100 293 296 65 130 155 19 90 11 55 40 22 24.5 129 193 6 139.5 90 12
28 100/120 160/200 306 309.5 90 140 175 23.5 125 11 65 45 28 31 129 203 8 170 110 15


Defective reason analysis Solution method
Noise Knocking Gear surface damaged Contact manufacturer,replace gear set
Continual cacophony Bearing damaged Replace the damaged bearing
Periodical cacophony Particle on gear surface Check gear surface
Neigh Lack of lubricant Fill with lubricant
Intermittent cacophony Dirty lubricant Replace the new lubricant
Shake Fixed foundation shake Deflective mount on the surface Re-adjust fixed pedestal
Output shaft shake Bearing damage Replace the damaged bearing
Inner gear parts shake Gear damage Replace the damaged gear
Housing shake Defective gear assembly Re-adjust the gear set
Leakage Oil seal leakage Oil seal vulcanize Replace the damaged oil seal
Housing leakage Housing with the sand hole Replace housing with the sand hole
Housing shake O-ring damaged Replace the damaged O-ring
Over-heating Oil seal damaged Over-tighten oil seal Replace over-tighten oil seal
Over-heat housing Over-road Re-calculate load
Lack of lubricant Low lubricant Fill with lubricant
Over-heat motor 1,the temperature of environment is too high 
2,airiness is bad 
3,pressure is too high or too low
1,take measure to reduce the temperature 
2,clean out the wind passage and check the motor
  if cooling fan has been damaged 
3,adjust electrical source pressure
The motor can`t work   Electrical source haven`t been switched on  Check if the switch is contacted will,
if the fuse wise is broken or the motor down-lead is broken
The rotate speed 
of the output shaft 
is too low
  Wrong control connection outside
Over loading
Wrong ratio
Electrical source pressure too low
Correct is on the right connection
Reduce the load
Check the rotation ratio of the cooling fan 
and output shaft by hand
Adjust electrical source pressure 
Reduce load
Motor circumrotate,
output shaft 
don`t circu mrotate
  Inner gear set damaged Please contact the manufacture to replace the gear set


Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Application: Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Industry
Function: Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Layout: Cycloidal
US$ 69.9/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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helical gearbox

The Cyclonoidal Gearbox

Basically, the cycloidal gearbox is a gearbox that uses a cycloidal motion to perform its rotational movement. It is a very simple and efficient design that can be used in a variety of applications. A cycloidal gearbox is often used in applications that require the movement of heavy loads. It has several advantages over the planetary gearbox, including its ability to be able to handle higher loads and higher speeds.

Dynamic and inertial effects of a cycloidal gearbox

Several studies have been conducted on the dynamic and inertial effects of a cycloidal gearbox. Some of them focus on operating principles, while others focus on the mathematical model of the gearbox. This paper examines the mathematical model of a cycloidal gearbox, and compares its performance with the real-world measurements. It is important to have a proper mathematical model to design and control a cycloidal gearbox. A cycloidal gearbox is a two-stage gearbox with a cycloid disc and a ring gear that revolves around its own axis.
The mathematical model is made up of more than 1.6 million elements. Each gear pair is represented by a reduced model with 500 eigenmodes. The eigenfrequency for the spur gear is 70 kHz. The modally reduced model is a good fit for the cycloidal gearbox.
The mathematical model is validated using ABAQUS software. A cycloid disc was discretized to produce a very fine model. It requires 400 element points per tooth. It was also verified using static FEA. This model was then used to model the stiction of the gears in all quadrants. This is a new approach to modelling stiction in a cycloidal gearbox. It has been shown to produce results comparable to those of the EMBS model. The results are also matched by the elastic multibody simulation model. This is a good fit for the contact forces and magnitude of the cycloid gear disc. It was also found that the transmission accuracy between the cycloid gear disc and the ring gear is about 98.5%. However, this value is lower than the transmission accuracy of the ring gear pair. The transmission error of the corrected model is about 0.3%. The transmission accuracy is less because of the lower amount of elastic deformation on the tooth flanks.
It is important to note that the most accurate contact forces for each tooth of a cycloid gearbox are not smooth. The contact force on a single tooth starts with a linear rise and then ends with a sharp drop. It is not as smooth as the contact force on a point contact, which is why it has been compared to the contact force on an ellipse contact. However, the contact on an ellipse contact is still relatively small, and the EMBS model is not able to capture this.
The FE model for the cycloid disc is about 1.6 million elements. The most important part of the FE model is the discretization of the cycloid disc. It is very important to do the discretization of the cycloid gear disc very carefully because of the high degree of vibration that it experiences. The cycloid disc has to be discretized finely so that the results are comparable to those of a static FEA. It has to be the most accurate model possible in order to be able to accurately simulate the contact forces between the cycloid disc and the ring gear.helical gearbox

Kinematics of a cycloidal drive

Using an arbitrary coordinate system, we can observe the motion of components in a cycloidal gearbox. We observe that the cycloidal disc rotates around fixed pins in a circle, while the follower shaft rotates around the eccentric cam. In addition, we see that the input shaft is mounted eccentrically to the rolling-element bearing.
We also observe that the cycloidal disc rotates independently around the eccentric bearing, while the follower shaft rotates around an axis of symmetry. We can conclude that the cycloidal disc plays a pivotal role in the kinematics of a cycloidal gearbox.
To calculate the efficiency of the cycloidal reducer, we use a model that is based on the non-linear stiffness of the contacts. In this model, the non-linearity of the contact is governed by the non-linearity of the force and the deformation in the contact. We have shown that the efficiency of the cycloidal reducer increases as the load increases. In addition, the efficiency is dependent on the sliding velocity and the deformations of the normal load. These factors are considered as the key variables to determine the efficiency of the cycloidal drive.
We also consider the efficiency of the cycloidal reducer with the input torque and the input speed. We can calculate the efficiency by dividing the net torque in the ring gear by the output torque. The efficiency can be adjusted to suit different operating conditions. The efficiency of the cycloidal drive is increased as the load increases.
The cycloidal gearbox is a multi-stage gearbox with a small shaft oin and a big shaft. It has 19 teeth and brass washers. The outer discs move in opposition to the middle disc, and are offset by 180 deg. The middle disc is twice as massive as the outer disc. The cycloidal disc has nine lobes that move by one lobe per drive shaft revolution. The number of pins in the disc should be smaller than the number of pins in the surrounding pins.
The input shaft drives an eccentric bearing that is able to transmit the power to the output shaft. In addition, the input shaft applies forces to the cycloidal disk through the intermediate bearing. The cycloidal disk then advances in 360 deg/pivot/roller steps. The output shaft pins then move around in the holes to make the output shaft rotate continuously. The input shaft applies a sinusoidal motion to maintain the constant speed of the base shaft. This sine wave causes small adjustments to the follower shaft. The forces applied to the internal sleeves are a part of the equilibrium mechanism.
In addition, we can observe that the cycloidal drive is capable of transmitting a greater torque than the planetary gear. This is due to the cycloidal gear’s larger axial length and the ring gear’s smaller hole diameter. It is also possible to achieve a positive fit between the fixed ring and the disc, which is achieved by toothing between the fixed ring and the disc. The cycloidal disk is usually designed with a short cycloid to minimize unbalance forces at high speeds.helical gearbox

Comparison with planetary gearboxes

Compared to planetary gearboxes, the cycloidal gearbox has some advantages. These advantages include: low backlash, better overload capacity, a compact design, and the ability to perform in a wide range of applications. The cycloidal gearbox has become popular in the multi-axis robotics market. The gearbox is also increasingly used in first joints and positioners.
A cycloidal gearbox is a gearbox that consists of four basic components: a cycloid disk, an output flange, a ring gear, and a fixed ring. The cycloid disk is driven by an eccentric shaft, which advances in a 360deg/pivot/roller step. The output flange is a fixed pin disc that transmits the power to the output shaft. The ring gear is a fixed ring, and the input shaft is connected to a servomotor.
The cycloidal gearbox is designed to control inertia in highly dynamic situations. These gearboxes are generally used in robotics and positioners, where they are used to position heavy loads. They are also commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications. They have higher torque density and a low backlash, making them ideal for heavy loads.
The output flange is also designed to handle a torque of up to 500 Nm. Its rotational speed is lower than the planet gearbox, but its output torque is much higher. It is designed to be a high-performance gearbox, and it can be used in applications that need high ratios and a high level of torque density. The cycloid gearbox is also less expensive and has less backlash. However, the cycloidal gearbox has disadvantages that should be considered when designing a gearbox. The main problem is vibrations.
Compared to planetary gearboxes, cycloidal gearboxes have a smaller overall size and are less expensive. In addition, the cycloid gearbox has a large reduction ratio in one stage. In general, cycloidal gearboxes have single or two stages, with the third stage being less common. However, the cycloid gearbox is not the only type of gearbox that has this type of configuration. It is also common to find a planetary gearbox with a single stage.
There are several different types of cycloidal gearboxes, and they are often referred to as cycloidal speed reducers. These gearboxes are designed for any industry that uses servos. They are shorter than planetary gearboxes, and they are larger in diameter for the same torque. Some of them are also available with a ratio lower than 30:1.
The cycloid gearbox can be a good choice for applications where there are high rotational speeds and high torque requirements. These gearboxes are also more compact than planetary gearboxes, and are suitable for high-torque applications. In addition, they are more robust and can handle shock loads. They also have low backlash, and a higher level of accuracy and positioning accuracy. They are also used in a wide range of applications, including industrial robotics.
China Standard G3lm Spare Part Helical Gearbox Motor   cycloidal gearbox manufacturersChina Standard G3lm Spare Part Helical Gearbox Motor   cycloidal gearbox manufacturers
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